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Kyocera suppliers Wirral

Prime Document Solutions are an authorised supplier of Kyocera office products.

Kyocera is renowned for quality, reliability while reducing printing costs. If you would like to find out more and how Kyocera and Prime Document Solutions can help your Wirral business, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Prime.

Take a look at how Kyocera can help you and your Wirral business.

Cutting costs is just the start

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by up to 30%.It sounds incredible, but it’s true. We’ll not only help you cut the cost of operational necessities such as consumables, energy and support, but show you how you can eliminate wastage such as unauthorised printing. The cumulative savings can be – and usually are – extremely high.

Higher productivity

With state-of-the-art solutions that streamline document management through automated processes, plus advanced device management that saves staff time, you’ll see a quantum leap in productivity. and, with optimised workflows and less downtime, your IT support team will be less stressed, too!

Total tailored support from a single source

The cost and hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers can be high. But not when you partner with Kyocera Managed Document Services (MDS). That’s because we’ll supply everything you need to keep your devices running smoothly (regardless of brand), as well as assume responsibility for all your maintenance and repair needs.

5 steps to a more streamlined business

Working with Kyocera MDS will bring your company superb benefits. This begs the obvious question: how do we deliver these benefits? The answer is simple. It’s by optimising your entire document environment through five carefully designed phases, each one fully customised to the unique requirements of your business.

These phases are: Assessment, Design, Implementation, Management and Optimisation.

    Step 1: Assessment

    This phase is designed to identify areas for waste reduction, workflow improvement and reduced environmental impact. Using in-depth data analysis, together with interviews and surveys, we build a complete understanding of your operational processes, with a focus on:

    • Costs. Where, exactly, is money being spent?
    • Workflows. Can productivity be improved through smarter software?
    • Documents. How efficiently are they managed?
    • Environmental impact. Where can you save energy?

    Step 2: Design

    What’s the ideal combination of hardware, software and process development to optimise your system? Based on the results of Phase 1, we’ll maximise your return on investment, by focusing on:

    • Solution design. How can you improve workflow, system control, resource efficiency and document security?
    • Fleet design. We expertly appraise all aspects of your output system, from the most suitable hardware, to the optimum physical positioning for your workflows

      Step 3: Implementation

      When we’ve assessed your system and agreed a solution with you, we implement that solution. This process is carried out by our expert team of change management professionals and is designed to ensure minimum disruption to your business, from installation to training.

      • Professional change management. Dedicated service with constant progress reports
      • Qualified Kyocera engineers and technicians – for hardware & software installation
      • Training. Staff and helpdesk support to eliminate errors and downtime
      • Flexible logistics planning. Implementation at a specific time, out of hours or over the weekend
      • Storage & disposal. Secure, efficient and compliant with regulatory requirements

      Step 4: Management

      Our management service is committed to delivering optimised performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. With a range of on-site and remote support capabilities, we take care of your entire document infrastructure, keeping workflows at peak levels and looking after time-consuming daily administration.

      • Fleet maintenance. Comprehensive service packages for maximum uptime
      • Remote monitoring. Proactive support
      • Dedicated support. Remote or on-site IT teams to maximise performance and reliability of hardware and software
      • Regular performance reviews. Accurate Management Information (MI) reports ensure your full satisfaction

      Step 5: Optimisation

      Once we’ve optimised your print environment, we’ll continually assess your device fleet and workflows for new ways to improve cost-cutting and performance. We’ll provide:

      • Quantification of benefits. Through continuous uptime and optimisation analyses we’ll demonstrate the measurable benefits of working with Kyocera MDS
      • On-going optimisation. We’ll ensure your fleet is always perfectly tuned to your requirements
      • Reduced carbon footprint. By analysing your energy usage, we’ll help you ensure that sustainability targets are being met


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